Three N e w VPs A n d Three Promotions Announced By Halter M a r i ne

three n e w vps a n d three promotions
announced by halter m a r i ne

Three new vice presidents were elected at Halter Marine, Inc. recently, and three other executives were elevated to new positions according to Floyd J. Naquin, president of the New Orleans company.

The new vice presidents are: Sidney C. Mizell, vice president, s a l e s and m a r k e t i n g ; Rick S. Rees, vice president, finance; and S. Wayne Murphy, vice president and general counsel.

Mr. Mizell will be responsible for all sales, marketing, advertising, public relations, and estimating. He joined Halter as an estimator in 1972 and was promoted to senior estimator in 1975. In 1978 he was named executive as- sistant to the president. Prior to joining Halter, Mr. Mizell had been associated with Litton Ship Systems in Pascagoula, Miss, and The Boeing Company in New Orleans. Mr. Rees will now be responsible for all accounting, treasury, and controller functions, as well as money management and banking. He will also maintain his position as a member of the board of directors and executive assistant to the board chairman, to which he was appointed in 1979. He joined Halter in 1975 as a business analyst.

Mr. Murphy will be responsible for all legal, corporate, and con- S. Wayne Murphy tract administration functions of the company. He joined Halter in 1979 as general counsel, and was elected secretary of the corporation the same year. Prior to joining Halter, Mr. Murphy was with LTV Corporation as vice president and group counsel for Lykes Bros. Steamship Company.

Mr. Naquin also announced that Steve Stonebreaker, current director of employee relations and the Halter I n c e n t i v e P r o g r am (HIP), will assume the additional duty of administrative assistant to the president. Also elevated are Leewood J. Prevost from acting treasurer to treasurer, and Gary Owens from acting controller to controller.

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