Leslie Controls Announces DLO-1 Series 80 Valves

—Literature Available Leslie Controls, Inc., is launching its new Class DLO-1 Series 80 line of diaphragm control valves that provide higher overall flow capacity, size for size and at lower initial cost, than competitive models now on the market.

The new Series 80 model is a single- seated, unbalanced cage retained trim valve that features a cast iron actuator and new packing and gasket materials, assuring maximum, trouble-free performance over long periods of time. Depending upon the specific application and requirements, the user may be able to use a smaller size valve, reducing costs even further.

Ideal for a wide range of steam, water, gas and process installations, the Series 80 permits maximum interchangeability of parts without removing the valve body from the line.

Trim, flow characteristics, even actuator size can be changed to suit job requirements. A substantial reduction in spare parts is possible, since trim parts and actuators are interchangeable between iron and steel valves.

All Leslie sales representatives have complete valve sizing manuals and selection data to assist the customer in choosing the most economical model for the specific requirements or application.

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